Senior Care Reports

We help you keep busy families informed and engaged in the care of their aging loved ones to promote a better quality of life.

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Senior Care Reporting

Senior Care Reporting is a service offered by adult care organizations that believe partnering with families is vital to helping seniors enjoy the highest possibly quality of life.

Our innovative approach to messaging provides friends and families real time assessment results after every visit with the information they need to help care for their aging loved ones.

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Professional caregivers complete an assessment on seven categories of wellness after each visit or day of care.


CareVera transforms results into an innovative, family friendly senior care report delivered to authorized recipients.


Families view reports on their mobile devices; they provide encouragement and gain PEACE OF MIND.

Peace of Mind

Now you can get information about your loved one's wellness after every visit. With senior care reports you can be confident in the quality care they receive, and you can be an encouraging and supportive part of the family care team.

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We know you care

CareVera delivers the information you need to participate in the care of your aging loved one whether you live just around the corner or thousands of miles away. Our messaging brings you peace of mind, and soon - we'll make it easier than ever to send encouraging gifts and care packages tailored to meet your senior's needs.

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Wellness Categories CareVera Senior
Care Report
General wellness Yes
Physical activities Yes
Cognitive activities Yes
Social interaction Yes
Nutrition Yes
Emotional wellness Yes
Medication adherence Yes
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